About GUBA Expo


The GUBA expo is a todays B2B event created by GUBA Awards Ltd . The Expo will provide a platform for African -inspired products in particular to be showcased, creating an opportunity for exposure and business development for the SMBs, as well as supplier prospects for larger organisations. In addition, the GUBA Expo will provide SMBs with access to industry experts who will share their expertise on how to develop a successful business in the UK.

The GUBA Expo aims among other things:

  • To inform and connect African , mainly  Ghanaian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that seek to establish their products in the British mainstream market.
  • To equip African decent business owners with the knowledge and insights on procurement standards, supply chain of major multinational companies in the UK
  • Increase trade between the UK and Africa, which will in return scale economic opportunity for Africa and the UK
  • Create a Platform for buyers to connect with potential suppliers

The event will feature Exhibitions, Seminars and Networking.

About the Organiser

The Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards, which acknowledges and highlights the talents and achievements of British Ghanaians, is in its 5th year. In celebration of this, GUBA is set to host a number of events centred on progress and entrepreneurship, leading up to the awards ceremony on Saturday the 27th of June 2015. www.gubaawards.co.uk

The GUBA Foundation, which focuses on raising awareness about autism and providing support to families and care-givers, will be expanding its services to Ghana, in October 2014, to host a GUBA Foundation Autism Awareness Week. Experts from the UK will organise workshops for local Ghanaian schools and families. This awareness week will bring to light the issues faced by autistic families and connect healthcare providers and services to families. It will be an opportunity for families to liaise with suitable personnel to find solutions to prevailing issues. The overall aim will be to seek substantial support for autistic families from the Ghanaian government. There will be further communication on this event.

Project Manager

gILLIANAs GUBA begins a year of festivities to commemorate our 5th year anniversary, we are excited to start with celebrating Ghanaian business in the UK. The GUBA Expo 2014 was birthed out of a desire to showcase to the UK and the world what Ghana has to offer in terms of products, services and innovation. During the two days, we hope to connect Ghanaian small and medium sized businesses to expert knowledge, interested investors and keen buyers through informative workshops, networking sessions and a vibrant exhibition of clothing, jewellery, food, furniture, cosmetics and more.

This pioneering event will mark the beginning of opening exciting new doors of trade and economic opportunity for Ghana and the UK. With the support of a fantastic team, I am glad to present to you, the GUBA Expo 2014- I look forward to seeing you there!

Gillian Appau

Project Manager, GUBA Expo 2014

Gillian is a recent graduate of Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, and a past winner of the GUBA Best Student Achiever Award. Having previously worked in the Treasury of Barclays, Gillian is currently studying Law and will begin her training contract with magic circle firm, Linklaters, in 2016.