NICHOLAS Nicholas Amfo

Nicholas Amfo ( Also known as Nicholas Dex) is the creator of Award winning fashion brand ‘ODF clothing’ , founder of the UK’s huge fashion showcase ‘Rip the Runway UK’, and brand ambassadors of ‘ABN Television’ and ‘Spirit of London’ in association with Damilola Taylor Trust. In recognition of his tireless enthusiasm and entrepreneurship, Nicholas was recently invited to meet Prime Minister David Cameron at No.10 Downing Street.

Born and Raised South London The 25-year-old also formed ODF Clothing (One Diverse Fashion) through his love and ‘fetish’ for London Fashion and trends. Understanding the concept of fashion, Nicholas decided to create fashion in his own way by bringing his originality to the scene and designing clothes that ordinary people could relate to. Thus creating a true reflection of life, making the concept behind ODF nothing short of sincere. Nicholas’ vision was to develop a brand of clothing that could be incorporated into diverse lifestyles, therefore becoming an extension of everyday life, speaking to each individual uniquely.

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